trainer's card
name: Toko
ID no.: 0001
class: Aroma Lady
nature: Jolly
money: 12 pokédollars
> Theo squatted under the slide for some reason...


I just finished playing ace attorney and wow that game made me go through an emotional roller coaster ahhaha! the trials and plot twist here always made me jump off my chair, this game was just so much fun ;u;)

And oh whenever I see edgeworth I always remember levi for some reason ahahah!


"looks like team rocket’s blasting off again!" ? 


"Atlus needs to stop making p4 games!!!"

"Make real smt games again!! stop milking P4!!!"



aaaaaaand last one!!! I know there’s a lot of you who want to see this~

that’s it! I’ll open back up commissions in the near future for those interested UwU thank you so much~

((OOC: I figure this belongs here too~))

Work by nnoz


Girls’ night out~


spruced up generic skull furry a bit. they still need a name tho

Dascha Polanco at the Tracy Reese Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015


9 examples of over-sexualized men in video games